Going Green FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to give it a try?

Sign up for a 6-month, variable-rate, 100% renewable energy plan.
With variable-rate plans, you can switch to a different plan or supplier without being charged a cancellation fee.

Want the most economical option?

t’s usually best to choose a fixed rate plan if you don’t mind signing a contract for a set period - usually 12 months. The unit cost of your energy stays stable.
Your bills change because consume more/less energy.

Find it difficult to budget?

It’s a good idea to choose a fixed-rate plan if you find it difficult to budget - your bills will generally be the same (based on your consumption) each month. Only sign up if you plan to stay on the plan for the length of the contract. You’ll normally need to pay a cancellation fee if you want to change suppliers or plans early.

Moving soon?

Choose a variable-rate plan. You can switch to a different plan or supplier without being charged a cancellation fee. Be advised, these plans are often more expensive than fixed-rate plans.

Interested in Prepayment?

Coming soon.
You can consider a ‘prepayment plan’ - this means you pay for your energy before you use it.

Are you renting?

You are in the majority.
67% of NYC households are renters.
You can usually still change energy suppliers if you rent your home.
The exception is if your landlord pays your supplier for the energy you use.
If you’re not sure whether you’re responsible for paying for your energy, check your tenancy agreement.

Landlord pays your utilities?

You don’t have the right to switch if your landlord pays the energy company directly and then charges you. If you want to change suppliers, you’ll need to ask your landlord to do it - but they don’t have to. If you think that your landlord might be charging you too much for your energy, you should:
• Ask them for a copy of the bill
• Ask them to explain how they worked out the charges.

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