We see a market matching problem in that potential solar customers are not being efficiently connected to solar developers.


  • Solar Developers not skilled in acquiring AT SCALE, urban subscribers living in condos and co-ops
  • Urban Low-Moderate Income (LMI) unable to access solar, untapped market
  • Potential customers are not being efficiently matched with solar sellers


“SOURCE Solar Electric Power Association and Solar Market Pathways”

Residential Survey

Commercial Survey


Customer Development

We are conducting customer development studies to find a good product-market fit through:

  • Qualitative market surveys
  • Quantitative market surveys
  • Customer development interviews
  • Community Meetings

Our multidisciplinary Customer Development Team is comprised of five graduate students studying at Columbia University’s schools of Engineering, Business, and Arts & Sciences. We have distinguished professional careers in energy, banking, military, psychology, and consulting.


Community solar allows multiple businesses and individual participants to share in both the costs and benefits of a single larger solar energy system rather than each business/individual pursuing its own rooftop solar project. Participants invest in a portion of the capacity via subscriptions.
At Social Solar, we want to increase social and environmental justice. So, we measure profit and success holistically – not just in terms of dollars and cents, but also in terms of long term customer relationships, environmental sustainability, and impact on our community.

Customer Development Team

Kerry, Hackathon Mentor


Our management team is credentialed in the areas of legal, solar project management, solar financing, trade finance banking, and energy efficiency. Collectively, we have 15+ years in the solar industry. We have served as project manager for 100+ MW of solar installations and have completed solar financing for 75+ MW of solar. Our solar experience includes deals in Guam, Bangladesh, Philippines, and the USA.


International travel

60+ countries

Global University Studies

Berkeley,Shanghai, Hong Kong, London, Moscow, Sydney, Toronto, and New York City


Theatre, Ballet, Photography, Snowboarding, Sailing, Skiing, and Cooking


Social Solar, a future Benefit Corporation and Social Enterprise, is committed to the United Nations 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development.We will make an impactful commitment to the planet by donating 1% of sales to take action on four specific global goals:


Social Solar is in the process of completing the following certifications:


We’re Finding Innovative Approaches to Accelerate Deployment of Solar Energy in the US. For more information. CLICK HERE


Social Solar, a social enterprise startup, was founded January 2017 by students at Columbia University. We’re fortunate to participate in Columbia’s entrepreneurship eco-system including the Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center and Tamer Center for Social Enterprise. Upcoming events include:

October 2016
Oct 5

Annual Fall Venture Fair

Oct 21-Dec 9

Design Studio Leaders Program

January 2017
Jan 9-13

Lean Launch Pad

Jan 20-April 30

Innovation & Entrepreneurship, IE

Feb 1

Spark, a Space for Social Innovators Community Event

Feb 2-3

Columbia University Energy Symposium

Feb 3

Pitch @ Energy Symposium Venture Showcase

April 19-23

Columbia Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator

Jan 20-April 28

Innovation & Entrepreneurship, IE

May 3

Pitch @ IE


Community Solar Advantages

  • Access solar output without installing panels on homes/businesses
  • Lower electrical bills
  • No roof needed
  • “Lock-in” energy rates for up to 20 years
  • Proactively manage energy costs
  • Optimal project siting
  • Hedge against rising fuel costs
  • Financing options available
  • Share soft costs with multiple businesses and individual subscribers
  • Invest in a portion of the energy capacity via subscriptions
  • Maintenance covered
  • Take actions to maintain a cleaner environment though reduced carbon emissions
  • Moving within the same utility territory? Take your plan with you


What is Community Solar Similar to?

Community Gardening (CG) is similar to Community Solar

  • Shared Land
  • Multiple subscribers
  • Shared soft costs, resources&tools

Who can participate in Community Solar?

  • Businesses
  • Organizations
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Individuals

What are the benefits of Community Solar?

  • Manage energy costs
  • Lock-in electricity prices long term
  • Clean energy
  • Meet sustainability goals
  • Increase reputation
  • Meet Shareholders requests for renewable energy
  • Meet Customers/Suppliers requests
  • Alternatives to conventional energy sources
  • Increase energy independence
  • Hedge against rising fuel costs
  • Cut carbon emissions
  • Provide jobs

Where will the solar panels be located?

  • Offsite in various places
  • Atop a large building
  • In a large field

How big/little must my subscription be?

It can be no larger than 40% of the total project.

It can be no smaller than (1) one kilowatt.

Where can I find more information?

Community Solar in New York?  Look here.

Community Solar Nationally?  Look here.